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Waterproofing chemical and solutions.
Leading solution providers of high-performance specialty building materials
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About Us

STS FM SERVICES a Waterproofing and Security Systems Company established in 2018 under GST.
A company that walks hand-in-hand with its customers and grows in
parallel with their growth.

With a team of veteran engineers and skilled human resources, we are the fastest-growing civil works management company in Karnataka.
When adversities like water leakage or fire incidents hit up, the STS FM army comes to your rescue!
We also manage construction works and security-related projects, offering maximum convenience and minimum hassles.
STS FM is an abode to multifarious services that include – Authorised Distributor of waterproofing chemicals, painting works, specialized coatings, waterproofing mechanisms, sump and tank coating, CCTV deployment, Fire alarm implementation and public address system.
What makes us stand apart is the commitment, passion, and dedication we pour into our working etiquettes to produce the finest results possible.
Clients get a harmony-fed communication environment, uninterrupted support, a fast delegation of labour, and quick deliverables.