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STS FM provides expert and world-class waterproofing Chemicals and services at an affordable cost. Having an excellent client record, we specialize in Bitumen waterproofing treatment, chemical treatment for strong basements, damp proofing using cement base, and building water structures, such as water sumps, bathroom designs, and water tanks. All kinds of waterproofing projects like Wall waterproofing, Industrial and Residential waterproofing, terrace and roof waterproofing, New building waterproofing, Bathroom waterproofing, water repair works, and many more. 

At STS FM, advanced waterproofing mechanisms like

  1. Tiles adhesives and Grouting
  2. Epoxy Tile Grouting
  3. Terrace Damp Proof and Heat Proof (UV)
  4. Sealants and Adhesives
  5. Epoxy Coating for Sumps and Tanks
  6. Wall Cracks
  7. Under Construction coating for Bathrooms, Retaining wall, Terrace
  8. PU Chemicals and Coating
  9. Pressure Grouting